15th APCCMI (Asia Pacific Congress on Clinical Microbiology & Infection)

Date: 26th - 29th November, 2014
Venue: Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Guidelines for Presenters

Guidelines for Oral Presentation

  1. An LCD projector shall be made available to facilitate your presentation. The only software that will be used is MS Powerpoint. Bring your file in this format in a thumb drive or other appropriate medium, free of virus.
  2. For additional audio-visual requirements, please arrange with the APCCMI Secretariat at least 7 days before the conference. Participants may be charged for these additional equipment used.
  3. In whichever format you intend to present, it is suggested you use sufficiently large fonts and clearly legible typefaces to enable participants to read the presentation. Do not cram too much information into each slide.
  4. Please note that the official language of the conference shall be English.
  5. Unless otherwise specifically mentioned, your presentation has been allocated (10 + 5) minutes. The “+5” minutes indicated are meant for discussion of your paper. You are advised to adhere strictly to the time allocated to avoid upsetting the scientific programme.
  6. You must submit your thumb drive to the APCCMI Secretariat at the Slide Preview area at least two (2) hours before the time scheduled for your presentation.

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Guidelines for Poster Presentation

  • All poster presenters MUST register for the conference and pay the required fees BEFORE the conference. Follow the instructions and payment procedures at the Conference website: www.apccmi2014.org
  • All posters shall be mounted on exhibition boards in a designated area at the Convention Centre. Please check the exact poster exhibition area/room at the Conference.
  • Please make sure you set up your poster before 9.00am on (27/11/2014) and have it removed by 2.00pm on the last date of the conference (29/11/2014). Presenters are expected to be in attendance next to their posters at the times indicated in the programme book to discuss their posters and for interaction with the other participants.
  • Posters prepared for presentation must be of a standard size of A0. Each poster must include the following information: Title of paper, name of author (s), affiliation, introduction, methodology, results and discussion and conclusions.
  • Posters must in Portrait ONLY
  • Place a photograph of the presenting author, measuring about 7 x 10 cm at the top right hand corner (optional).
  • The organizers shall provide tapes for your poster. Do not use any other tapes for mounting. Check with the secretariat staff on duty if in doubt. It is always better to avoid preparing posters that are too heavy for mounting.
  • You need to stick your paper ONLY at the slot assigned to you. Please check our website for your poster ID. We will announce your poster ID latest by 15th of November.

Please check out any conference updates, including the opening ceremony and scientific programme on the Conference website indicated above.

Presentation slot for 27th November, 2014

Presentation slot for 28th November, 2014


Any enquires, please email: apccmi@relianceconventions.com

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